★la primavera // animation meme★



lily joins!! whilst the four are about to leave a forest (known across the land for its undying flowers, fruit and forest) ray bumps into lily who seems to have fallen into a bush. ray brings her back to the others and lily is allowed to join them.

so now the main travellers conclude to:
para, penny, lily, cody and ray

however, lily knows the way back home, but none of the winged cats can leave eachother behind, they all agree to continue the journey and follow para, penny isnt happy with this, but atleast there is actually a way for penny to see her family again now, that something being lily.

(side note: im trying to be more brief with lore summaries like, WAY more brief. theories are always cool, just know that the story is still in development.)


original meme: https://youtu.be/W5-AmwLW-J8

song: https://youtu.be/4MQ865X2CS4

-ray(blue shark dog, she/they)
-lily(orange and white calico, she/they)
-para(purple tabby cat with bat wings, he/him)
-cody(grey snail fox cub, he/him)
-penny(orange tabby cat with wings, she/her)

time taken: 2 MONTHS (on and off bc i got bored)

programs: adobe animate cc



what do you use to animate?
-i use adobe animate cc (2021)

what editing program do you use?
-i dont have an editing program rip

do you take requests/commissions/collabs open?
-sorry no, i have very limited free time and i like to spend that animating my own things ;v;

can i make fanart?
-absolutely!! more than welcome 💞

ur pronouns?
-any, idm ^^

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